Southcenter,Vitos, and Cloverdale in 1wnknd!!

This is the crazy shit about the town. When it is cold or real hot some shit pop off and that is jus how it starts. Folks get ready for ’09 shit come down real fast. The weekend pop off wit some wild ass shit in the mall. Over some danm J’s that you can’t even rock now cuz of the bullet holes. But really gotta say I feel for anyone who had somebody there that got hit or was just in the mall at all.

At 12:06 a.m. police were called to Vito’s Madison Grill, where they found a man inside the nightclub dead from a single gunshot wound.

The same night more shit. Now I can’t get a drink without a fucking shell in it. More and more got two more that happend just earlier downtown at Venom and over in Skyway at resturant.

Not too much else besides protect ya neck out on the turf.!!!

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