Machines rock Max Moccasins!!!!

The white kicks are custom Jordan Retro 12 “Rising Sun” and the black kicks are crazy creation: Air bubbel for a pair of moccasins, how crazy can your kicks get!! Now the J’s are just some crazy shYt that you could even dream of…… READ MORE for the more Pics

Jordan Retro 12 x Rising Sun x Jay-Z Concert
Nike Air Max Moccasins
Man vs Machine was the concept behind the Retro 12 Rising Sun Jay-Z Concert Edition. These just ain’t the kicks you gonna find some where, Major money got dropped. The two major things is the extra lace holes under the normal row and yes dat is actual metal on the shoe.  The Moccasin was what “C. Williams x Project North – Nike Air Max Moccasins” just happened to let there swag just give birth too.  The little sneaky thing is that they all may look the same, but they all have diffrent soles. The Air Max 90 & 360 with a AM 1 is the Nike influece on the moccasin.
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