Micheal Vick vs. Donovan McNabb


Who you picking? If is about to light up when these two hit the field this Sunday this sunday, with Micheal Vick in position to re-write his legacy in the NFL..  Can you even think of the last time there has been a game with two good not even great Black quarterbacks in one game? Seriously who can you think of? But the plot is super thick cause Donovan McNabb was just playing for the Eagles last seasons for the non-football fan.  

Click (HERE) for game info.

For the teams though, the Eagles have been putting great numbers up since the switch to Vick was made. Donovan has been steering the life less Redskins still looking for a dub. But getWETCITY.com expcet great things for Donovan coming back to his old turf in Philadelphia.

 Game info (HERE)

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