NWstateofmind.com: #JetLagged Interview Pt.1

How long have you been about this blogging thing?

I started my very first blog back in 2008, called A Quick Intermission.

What made you get into the blogging game?

Two part story:

My dude Micah had his own blog (theindustryshakedown) which was more humor and “wtf” based topics and at the time I wasn’t all that hip to blogs yet so I was kinda impressed that one person could manage their own site.

Also at the time streetwear and sneaker collecting were on the rise and not too many people I knew were really into all that so I kinda took it upon myself to create a place where people could go to check up on some of their favorite artists’ music, sneaker release dates, upcoming drops from brands, and etc.

How was the experience of getting on #JetLife tour?

The tour was dope, I can’t really sit here and say it was anything less then. Definitely an experience to remember.

What stops did you make on the #JetLife tour?

Well other then Seattle and Portland we hit Salt Lake City, Boise, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, NYC, Philly, Greensboro, and Jacksonville. We got caught up in some other business or else we woulda hit the rest of em.

Any highlights from the #JetLife tour?

Um i would have to say getting to know all the artists on a more personal level was dope, everybody was super humble and I can respect that. It was also my first time on the east coast so it was pretty cool seeing all the sights.

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NWstateofmind.com #JetLagged Interview Pt. 2 on the way

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