Yukmouth interview by @RuffKuttz

It was almost midnight on June 16, 2011 when I waited in the Nectar Lounge VIP to meet one of the West Coast’s most notable rappers in the rap game, Yukmouth. Draped out in Gucci threads, iced-out from top to bottom, he rolled in the club with his Dragon Team entourage including rising rapper Philthy Rich for the ‘Rise N Grind’ tour.

Later, I asked him some questions about his career, his label Smoke-A-Lot Records and the projects he has lined up for the future.

Here’s what the West Coast Don had to say…

How long have you been in the game?

A: I’ve been in the rap game since 1993..so almost 18yrs.

What’s the secret to your success?

A: My secret is keepin it real 2 myself/the streets & the fans who support my music..i think THE LUNIZ was ahead of the rappers back then so ni99az just now catching up on to punch lines & catchy hooks…i been doing that since the early 90’s so what these rappers are doing now is nothing new 2  me!

What would you do if you weren’t in the rap game?

A: If i wasn’t in the rap game i probably be a DRUG DEALER…LOL..naw j/k but i can draw like a muthafucka so i would probably be a CARTOONIST for a comic book company or an animation company.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

A: I wouldn’t change nothing…i LOVE MYSELF!!…a lot of people say they would change the neighborhood they grew up in but not me…how i grew up & my surrounding is what made me YUKMOUTH..if i was raised in the burbs the fans wouldn’t get this THUGGED OUT ni99a rappen named YUKMOUTH period.

What us your motto?

A: My motto is….if u gone do it,DO IT RIGHT!!

What kind of projects would you like to put together in the near future?

A: Well me & LIL POTNA aka DARYL REED got a sound track comin out for the book & DOCU-film called (WEIGHT)..after that we got THE REGIME-(DRAGON GANG) album droppin..then next up is KUZZO FLY-(OLD GUNS & NEW MONEY) album..then its on 2 me & MESSY MARV colab album called (41510)..so its a heavy line up for SMOKE A LOT RECORDS 2011.

Do you think you will do a collabo album with Dru Down?

A: Me & DRU DOWN came in this rap game 2gether so dats my BIG BRAH 4 life!! our colab album will be the group album called (THE REGIME) which is YUKMOUTH/DRU DOWN/TECH N9NE/LEE MAJORS/AMPICHINO/YOUNG BOSSY/FREEZE/RAH MEAN/MONSTA GANJAH/CHOP BLACK/KUZZO FLY/T-LEW & B.G BULLET WOUND.

What’s your favorite rap star?

A: My favorite rap star is me/myself & I….. YUKMOUTH.

What do you do when you’re not hustling?

A: I like 2 chill w/ my kids since i travel so much doing shows & appearances…PING PONG & WII games w/ the lil ones..that’s it nothin out the ordinary.

 Favorite Movie?

A: My favorite movie is HALF BAKED…i smoke hella weed so i like comedy movies.

 You’ve had a long a prosperous career. What are your plans for the next 10  years?

A: I plan on passing the torch to the next hot rappers..puttin on new artist & building my record label BRAND & ARTIST…welcome to SMOKE A LOT RECORDS.

By Jason McHenry | mchenry.jason@gmail.com | Twitter: @RuffKuttz

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