NWstateofmind.com: #JetLagged Interview Pt.2

The man behind the camera

What was it like behind the scenes of the tour?

Two words.. Fast paced. Being one of the persons who handled the media there I never really had time to sit back and chill I was always on my feet trying to get the best possible footage.

What was up with you and Logics plugging John┬áStamous in the “Vintage Flow” Promo? That was some funny ish tho.

Man that all came outta nowhere lol. Logics thought he saw Jeff Dunham when we were outside the cheesesteak spot in Philly and It sorta just took off from there with John Stamos, Saget, & even Whoopi Goldberg got a shoutout. Good to know we werent the only ones laughing at that tho haha

How did you connect with Logics for the tour?

Me and Ls started working together last year when he came to me about doing some graphic work and photography for him. We been good friends ever since

Going on tour something you would do again or change up how it went?

I would definitely go on tour again, Ive been taking road trips ever since I was a kid so im pretty used to going from place to place.

What city do think was the best crowd other than Seattle?

I would have to say Salt Lake City, UT or Greensboro, NC. I was really surprised by both the turnout and the fan support at both places.

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