NWstateofmind.com: #JetLagged Interview Pt.1

How long have you been about this blogging thing?

I started my very first blog back in 2008, called A Quick Intermission.

What made you get into the blogging game?

Two part story:

My dude Micah had his own blog (theindustryshakedown) which was more humor and “wtf” based topics and at the time I wasn’t all that hip to blogs yet so I was kinda impressed that one person could manage their own site.

Also at the time streetwear and sneaker collecting were on the rise and not too many people I knew were really into all that so I kinda took it upon myself to create a place where people could go to check up on some of their favorite artists’ music, sneaker release dates, upcoming drops from brands, and etc.

How was the experience of getting on #JetLife tour?

The tour was dope, I can’t really sit here and say it was anything less then. Definitely an experience to remember.

What stops did you make on the #JetLife tour?

Well other then Seattle and Portland we hit Salt Lake City, Boise, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, NYC, Philly, Greensboro, and Jacksonville. We got caught up in some other business or else we woulda hit the rest of em.

Any highlights from the #JetLife tour?

Um i would have to say getting to know all the artists on a more personal level was dope, everybody was super humble and I can respect that. It was also my first time on the east coast so it was pretty cool seeing all the sights.

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NWstateofmind.com #JetLagged Interview Pt. 2 on the way

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The Northwest iphone app

If you live in Seattle, I know you got an app in that smart phone.  But now you can get the that Northwest Hip Hop direct to your mobile.  The I-5 North App was just released this week and please believe I am downloading this. Make sure you get this new app for your iphone, ipad, and ipod. But you already know that.


I-5 North is what you get when you mix a digital magazine, a radio station, and a video channel with a mobile device. We deliver the hottest urban content of independent artist along Interstate 5 (the west coast) for the world to see. No watered down videos or “buffoonery” – We screen all artist/label submitted content, professionally shoot our own original footage in HD, and provide the viewer with quality visuals. This App is updated regularly with fresh content ranging from music videos, live freestyles/battles, radio shows, interviews, live performances, and more!

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Logics feat. Mista FAB-Get it[Video]

If you expected to see Logics with Mistah FAB together, please raise your hand!  But if you were paying attention to SXSW you would have caught Mistah FAB spitting flow with Logics and Spac3man on camera.

Logics last mixtpae “Vinatge Flow” ain’t even a month old, but no days off!  If you haven’t taken a chance to listen to L’s latest release, please take your hand down and click HERE.  But sticking with Logics promo, he just completed the  Jet Life tour headlined by Curren$y : #JetLife x Logics x Seattle.

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@Spac3man- Still Fly (Dena Mufuka)[Video]


Still fly from Spac3man’s Featuristic Listen/Download here

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#JordanRelease-Cardinal 7

If  you can’t wait on Saturday 6/18 shoot over to 23isback.com

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Get ya ticket punched

First it was the “Eighty4Fly Project” and then “1st Class in Fly World” and now it’s time to catch Flight Eighty4…..at some point.  It’s has been a minute since Eighty4Fly has put out some new heat for the streets.

The summer got started with Spaceman getting super “Featuristic” X3 with Logics spitting that “Vintage Flow” and now you can get your ticket punched for Flight Eighty4.  But I mean there ain’t no new music feeding the streets other than the feature on Logics latest project if up on game.  But for the Fly Guy it usually means a new video.  Well while we wait, check out eighty4fly.net that just launched this week and will obviously be the place to download it once this flight gets clearance.

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Logics: Vintage Flow[Listen and Review]

Logics has been staying on that independent grind, but took a break to drop “Vintage Flow” mixtape. Yes, it some more good for Seattle. But Logics defiantly found his lane with the match in production. One thing that always stands out any time I listen to this cat is delivery on any track point in case “Can’t See ’em”. The way each bar just splits the beat, just right. Than and more from his new project.

Logics didn’t steer away from his familiar format that starts you on some real sh*t with “The Road” and moves to the fresher side of life with “Sneaker Head”. It’s about a movement, not just a rap. This new project defiantly features some more work for the vault with his  flow that is somewhere between raw punch lines and lyricist flow. The features on the album includes: Eighty 4 Fly, Gazmo, Bruce Learoy, Element, and Jay Kin.

Connect with Vintage Flow (HERE)

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