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ShYt you missed!!!!

Click on a Post see wha U been missin!!!! J’s dropin N 2010 On 2 daNext 1 in twenty-10 Money 2 Blow????? Santa after X-mas HIT LIST

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how do you think the bad girls club is the worst show on tv? I mean girls are bitchy just becasue sometimes, but that show just give bitchy girls a bigger ego. And we off that. I have answers that … Continue reading

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Snookie gets snuck!!!

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Money To Blow????

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Sad NFL News

If ur not a sports fan you may not know about Chris Henry.  Chris passed away yesterday moring Thursday.  You can click READ MOre for the whole story, but it is just sad Chad OchoCinco is crying in his interview after practice and no … Continue reading

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Even thugs gotta stay warm too…LMAO [Mobile Link]

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Baby are U f@#king Serious?!!?!?!!?

I can’t take your serious if you got a f#%king tat on your head, cuz your a 5ive star G, mite as well get Weezy’s name around it…SMH

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