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H206 brought back some NBA hoops back to Seattle


Seattle had some NBA hoops despite the lockout. Thanks to H206.

This past weekend if you happened to be under a rock, Seattle Hoop stars took on the league.  This being the closest thing Seattle has seen or heard of NBA level basketball since Oklahoma stole got their own NBA team.

This game featured Will Conroy, Spencer Hawes, Martell Webster, Aaron Brooks, Jamal Crawford, Terrence Williams, Isiah Thomas, and Brandon Roy(but he didn’t play). Around 4,000 people up to support the charity game. The home team won it 140-122, with Terrance Williams taking MVP.

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J’s or Wings you decide

I was just talking to my brother about this there are two types of music for hip hop heads. The KRS-ONE rap fan and the Lil Wayne rap fan.  But this new video from Macklemore is something any fan of rap or hip hop can appreciate.

The picture above is from the XXL so you know Macklemore is doing something right.  But his wings video is something you can relate to if every had that first pair of kicks that just made you feel like you walking on air. LOL

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SK might be late, but right on time

SK has put some work in for his “Late Arrival” mixtape the warm up to his EP later this year.  Seattle has another reason to be bobbing their head with the arrival of SK.  He keep all in the fam with features from Sporting Life artist: Spac3man, Fatal Lucciauno, and D. Black.  Production on this mixtape is on point, no industry beat jacking. The “Late Arrival” Mixtape is only available to listen and download on his bandcamp site.  Be on the look for his EP project “When the Dust Settles” due out later this year.

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NWstateofmind.com: #JetLagged Interview Pt.2

The man behind the camera

What was it like behind the scenes of the tour?

Two words.. Fast paced. Being one of the persons who handled the media there I never really had time to sit back and chill I was always on my feet trying to get the best possible footage.

What was up with you and Logics plugging John Stamous in the “Vintage Flow” Promo? That was some funny ish tho.

Man that all came outta nowhere lol. Logics thought he saw Jeff Dunham when we were outside the cheesesteak spot in Philly and It sorta just took off from there with John Stamos, Saget, & even Whoopi Goldberg got a shoutout. Good to know we werent the only ones laughing at that tho haha

How did you connect with Logics for the tour?

Me and Ls started working together last year when he came to me about doing some graphic work and photography for him. We been good friends ever since

Going on tour something you would do again or change up how it went?

I would definitely go on tour again, Ive been taking road trips ever since I was a kid so im pretty used to going from place to place.

What city do think was the best crowd other than Seattle?

I would have to say Salt Lake City, UT or Greensboro, NC. I was really surprised by both the turnout and the fan support at both places.

[Take A Click]

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Air Griffey’s for the summer

Just in time for the hot ass days of summer.  The white and blue is gonna be on point for the summer. But the Air Griffey Max II, is another Seattle throw back like when we had a basketball team.

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Yukmouth interview by @RuffKuttz

It was almost midnight on June 16, 2011 when I waited in the Nectar Lounge VIP to meet one of the West Coast’s most notable rappers in the rap game, Yukmouth. Draped out in Gucci threads, iced-out from top to bottom, he rolled in the club with his Dragon Team entourage including rising rapper Philthy Rich for the ‘Rise N Grind’ tour.

Later, I asked him some questions about his career, his label Smoke-A-Lot Records and the projects he has lined up for the future.

Here’s what the West Coast Don had to say…

How long have you been in the game?

A: I’ve been in the rap game since 1993..so almost 18yrs.

What’s the secret to your success?

A: My secret is keepin it real 2 myself/the streets & the fans who support my music..i think THE LUNIZ was ahead of the rappers back then so ni99az just now catching up on to punch lines & catchy hooks…i been doing that since the early 90’s so what these rappers are doing now is nothing new 2  me!

What would you do if you weren’t in the rap game?

A: If i wasn’t in the rap game i probably be a DRUG DEALER…LOL..naw j/k but i can draw like a muthafucka so i would probably be a CARTOONIST for a comic book company or an animation company.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

A: I wouldn’t change nothing…i LOVE MYSELF!!…a lot of people say they would change the neighborhood they grew up in but not me…how i grew up & my surrounding is what made me YUKMOUTH..if i was raised in the burbs the fans wouldn’t get this THUGGED OUT ni99a rappen named YUKMOUTH period.

What us your motto?

A: My motto is….if u gone do it,DO IT RIGHT!!

What kind of projects would you like to put together in the near future?

A: Well me & LIL POTNA aka DARYL REED got a sound track comin out for the book & DOCU-film called (WEIGHT)..after that we got THE REGIME-(DRAGON GANG) album droppin..then next up is KUZZO FLY-(OLD GUNS & NEW MONEY) album..then its on 2 me & MESSY MARV colab album called (41510)..so its a heavy line up for SMOKE A LOT RECORDS 2011.

Do you think you will do a collabo album with Dru Down?

A: Me & DRU DOWN came in this rap game 2gether so dats my BIG BRAH 4 life!! our colab album will be the group album called (THE REGIME) which is YUKMOUTH/DRU DOWN/TECH N9NE/LEE MAJORS/AMPICHINO/YOUNG BOSSY/FREEZE/RAH MEAN/MONSTA GANJAH/CHOP BLACK/KUZZO FLY/T-LEW & B.G BULLET WOUND.

What’s your favorite rap star?

A: My favorite rap star is me/myself & I….. YUKMOUTH.

What do you do when you’re not hustling?

A: I like 2 chill w/ my kids since i travel so much doing shows & appearances…PING PONG & WII games w/ the lil ones..that’s it nothin out the ordinary.

 Favorite Movie?

A: My favorite movie is HALF BAKED…i smoke hella weed so i like comedy movies.

 You’ve had a long a prosperous career. What are your plans for the next 10  years?

A: I plan on passing the torch to the next hot rappers..puttin on new artist & building my record label BRAND & ARTIST…welcome to SMOKE A LOT RECORDS.

By Jason McHenry | mchenry.jason@gmail.com | Twitter: @RuffKuttz

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